About us

The head of the restaurant – the first Professional Sommelier in Lithuania

Indra Ramanauskienė, the owner of the restaurant SADUTĖ, was the first to be granted an official certificate of the sommelier in Lithuania. She completed Bordeaux École du Vin, constantly attends exhibitions and observes the novelties of the wine‘s world, seeks and discovers excellent wine makers in the outlying villages of Europe.

It is not a secret that the majority of the Lithuanian wine importers find it much easier to import the products of big wineries. We think differently! We have been so much impressed by a sincere talk to the owners of small Burgundy or Toscana wine farms, who know all their vines by heart, cherish and keep the secrets of wine making by passing them from a generation to a generation, and their discovery that their family wine is less well known in the world (is also cheaper), but so excellent, convinced us - we must have them! Indra could not give up and persuaded the authorities to grant a small wine restaurant the license of a wine importer. This allows us to offer our guests not only the best wine of the world (this proves that celebrities of the wine world believe in our enthusiasm and sophisticated taste of Kaunas citizens), but also various kinds of wine that come from different regions, wine that is ecological, biodynamic, mature, or simply ‘tasty and inexpensive’ cider, beer or wine made on small farm.

A sociable sommelier not only trains the restaurant’s staff, communicates and advises guests about drinks but also organizes wine presentations, gives small lessons on wines and arranges wine tastings which are becoming so popular and fashionable. Wine tastings take place not only at SADUTĖ. The sommellier and her team travel both around Kaunas and its outskirts and all around Lithuania presenting information in a playful way.

Exceptional Cuisine, Gastronomic Puzzles and Answers

Vitalija Rukaitienė is the head chef of SADUTĖ. Vitalija is a persistent, experienced, curious, and full of energy and verdure chef, a model for all young cooks! She dances to the tune of good cultural heritage, gives preference to fresh products that were grown on the Lithuanian farms, has no fear either of the tricks of the French or the subtleties of the Italian cuisine. The quality of each product and dish are of highest importance to Vitalija. Old recipes, new products, original ideas – all this combines not for a “one pea show“ but for a nice appearance of the dish, good flavour, and the most important – for a customer‘s satisfaction.

Based on the character of the event and our guests’ wishes, the chef may prepare a separate menu for banquets and buffet lunches or dinners. The choice of dishes ranges from a roasted Jersey lamb rubbed with herbs from the Lithuanian meadows or rye bread ice-cream to devilfish, flying fish caviar and many other traditional and novel dishes.

The chef has to face numerous gastronomic challenges in her work every day. The particularity of this restaurant requires creating some new dish every day, tuning a dish to a new, special wine. Various events and theme evenings are frequently held at SADUTĖ, therefore, a new gastronomic idea has also to be offered.